Hip Hop artists  T-Pain  and Lil Wayne at the 2008 BET Awards in Los Angeles

There are at least two Lil Wayne joint projects that I secretly wished had come to fruition. The first, and most obvious would be he and Juelz Santana’s I Can’t Feel My Face. The second one? He and T-Pain forming the rapping autotune master artist called T-Wayne and dropping He Raps, He Sings (and no, not the Dallas rapper T-Wayne).

Oh, you don’t remember the greatness that was “Can’t Believe It”? Or the “Got Money” track that was a glue piece from the early half of Tha Carter III? Yes, T-Wayne works as a thing and watching the both of them work together again is a magical thing. With his recent revival thanks to his autotune-less NPR Tiny Desk performance, T-Pain slid by Sway In The Morning to discuss not only that but reveal an old T-Wayne track that sadly hadn’t been heard, until now.

“Let Me Through” is T-Wayne doing what one half of the group does best, rap about what they have and keep everything moving. The Rapper Ternt Sanga goes without autotune on his verse and Wayne presses forward with thoughts of cars and chicks, pretty much everything Lil Wayne was about post-jail until he found his head again right before the run up to Tha Carter V. Hear “Let Me Through” below.

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