Either Sony has some inebriated developers working on the Spider-Man franchise or has one of the greatest spin departments in Hollywood. Since the recent success of the rebooted franchise there has been a wide range of speculation of the different directions the franchise is consider to be taken. This one however, has struck my curiosity.

For those that have not seen Amazing Spider-Man 2, You might wanna exit this story immediately.

According to sources, Sony is considering bringing back Gwen Stacy. Stacy’s character has been well-received by the Marvel fans even though she has died. There are possible story lines that could mask this rumor very real. One being Emma Stones slight mention of this after the film was released. In one of her interviews she mentioned cloning, a storyline consider for the three installment involving her former college professor so names himself The Jackal. Not the most greatest ways to return Stacy but Sony at this point is really swinging for the fence on this franchise. We have been given all types of rumors regarding Spider-man from the sinister six, the Venom project, Sony return Spider-Man to Marvel, even a film where the woman of the universe team.

With that, the return of Stacy isn’t that farfetched. Beside I love Emma Stone, she really embodies the character well and has great chemistry with Peter Parker. If Sony does decide to take this route, It should be a main plot and should just help with the storyline. But we know how these movies go sometime.

No official word has been given by Sony obviously, but when they do please believe you will hear it from me.