Anyone remember the series Magic City. I wouldn’t be surprise if you didn’t seeing as how I am the very few that do. It gave us a great two season on Starz until the forces that be decided to pull the plug. But you can’t keep a good horse down in the words of my uncle, as the series will be returning in a different fashion. The glamorous story is making it way to the big screen and will be packing a punch with a couple of A-Listers added to the cast.

The film will be director by the original creator Mitch Glazer and will bring back some of the favorites from the series such as, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Olga Kurylenko, and Kelly Lynch. And if that wasn’t enough to get myself in the theater they have aided the help of adding two new characters played by Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.

So there isn’t any chance of fans thinking that they are going to run into the same drama seen on the show (Which I’m pretty sure is the reason the plug was pulled)the film will be more of an extension of the series. Now set in the 1960’s The Magic City film throws us into Miami been thrown apart by several battles such as the USA’s conflict with Cuba and President JFK’s affair with a Miami Mob boss’s Mistress. A recent press release also describe the Evans(Morgan) will be smack dead in the middle of this conflict in attempt to save his family and survive the harsh streets of Magic City.

I find it odd that these elements weren’t considered to be in the series in the first place. Perhaps if Starz and the production behind the series had considered treating the series like a film, they would still be in production. Who knows, maybe the film version will re-spark Starz into give the series another shot and this time doing it right so that folks like myself can have some diversity on Sunday’s from Zombies.