Photo of Kurt COBAIN and NIRVANA

Before Nirvana gave us Bleach then Nevermind and subsequently became the definitive ’90s rock band, there were the sounds emanating from Kurt Cobain’s head. A recently unearthed “mixtape” from Cobain has been discovered and I’m saying “mixtape” in the loosest sense because its a recording of a variety of sounds.

Montage Of Heck contains some classic sounds from the time period. The Jackson Five’s “ABC” can be heard, same for James Brown’s “Hot Pants” and even William Shatner creaky old rendition of “Wild Thing”. Those are the good parts. The oddball moments come when sounds of toilets flushing, JImi Hendrix speaking at the Monterey Pop Festival and Fred Flintstone yelling at his bowling ball surface.

All coming from the mind of a 21-year-old Cobain and made using a four-track cassette recorder, hear the rare and pretty incredible mix thanks to Dangerous Minds here.

Kurt Cobain’s “Montage Of Heck” from SpaceEcho on Vimeo.