An image floating around the web Saturday caused members of the BeyHive to grab their wigs and collectively hold their breaths. What looks to be a label memo from Columbia Records seems to tell us something we’re pretty much going to have to deal with: another Beyonce album may be on the way.


If the image is indeed true, it sort of kills the art of surprise that last year’s Beyonce had when the singer unleashed 14 new songs and videos in a visual album package. Now we’re apparently set to get 10 new songs, 11 new videos and a 4-disc copy of the album which will include DVDs of her Mrs. Carter World Tour and the On The Run Tour concert film shot in Paris. Newcomers to the Beyonce boat include Justin Timberlake (“Renouncement”), Nicki Minaj (“DONK”) and Rihanna (“Cherry”).

Again, if all this is true, can Beyonce find a way to rule the fourth quarter like she did a year ago? We’ll wait and see on November 14th when Beyonce Vol. 2 is apparently set to appear on iTunes and the 4-disc copy landing on Black Friday.