Everything about the Le$ lifestyle aesthetic swims in glimpses of cool. Nothing breaks heavy, nothing too big or too small. The Louisiana to Houston and back rapper has made quite the career out of rapping what he not only dreams about but the reality that matches up with it. His profile with every release has jumped to a higher notch and once he found his groove for good on E36, a tape like Steak X Shrimp Vol. 1 was inevitable.

By now, saying that the next project a rapper releases is his biggest yet is lazy writer speak but Steak x Shrimp Vol. 1 on the surface looks colossal and sounds that way too. Le$ found a muse in Freddie Joachim for E36 but the work he gets from the likes of Cardo, Block Beattaz, DJ Mr. Rogers, Ric And Thaddeus, June James, Happy Perez, DSF and others takes the cake. We’re talking mesmerizing moments that shimmer and gloss with every drum, horn, snare and hi hat. The guests are all old Le$ tape favorites, the bruising tone of Slim Thug, the consistent cool of Curren$y, Ronnie Spencer being unearth just for a chorus on “’96” along with guest work from Baton Rogue’s Max Minelli and Paul Wall himself.

Don’t think you need a better tape for the weekend? Look elsewhere then. Stream and download Steak x Shrimp Vol. 1 from Le$ here.