Once upon a time, KAB Tha Don was our resident pistol packing, drug running rap sumo. He was big, carried an unmistakable growl that shook bodies whenever he spoke and packed an arsenal of flows that acted like perfect formulas for gravitational pull. In short, he was the best rap bully a Headwrecka could have.

Thing is, timing and misfortune always seemed to keep the Bully from fully capitalizing on not only his voice but his command of human emotion. Bully On Tha Beat 2 is a long overdue project. Bully On Tha Beat 2 wants to make up for every bit of KAB’s absence by punching and threatening its way to glory.

There’s no real difference to Northside or Southside street raps. Green is the only motivation and the more menace you pack, the more green you should accumulate. There is absolutely nothing light about Bully On Tha Beat 2 nor should there be. You expect a Halloween tape released by a guy who may be an expert in duct tape usage to be about treats? Nonsense.

Hear KAB’s return here.