Just when Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and their Neil Brennan inspired BGCP3TV In HD show was starting to hit its stride, apparently the Los Angeles Clippers duo figured basketball was a more important to entertain us all and sadly will leave us with just two episodes to chew on. While the first one had its moments and the highlight being the family who damn near spontaneously combusted every time BG or CP3 did something special – this, is their crown jewel.

Following a game of HORSE and PIG, the main event of BGCP3TV In HD arrives. It’s already adorable cornering a bunch of kids into a locker room as a basketball superstar and try to tell them about the real workings of being an NBA superstar but Chris and Blake sell it as if these kids are on an episode of Beyond Scared Straight. Even Milwaukee Buck rookie and fellow Jordan Brand baller Jabari Parker (aka the NBA’s second most personable rookie behind Joel Embiid) gets in on the act – and gets the tables turned on him.

Next to him freaking kids out as a Blues Brother, I’d saw Jabari’s got a future in comedy too.