The Road to No Defeat II for Dallas’ Tunk includes plenty of surveying the respective scene and making quite certain that his feet avoid every land mine possible. As intriguing as the Dallas rap scene is, with Sam Lao stamping her foot down for the creatives, -Topic & Blue, The Misfit showing that the D is a bit more appreciative of “weirdos” than their Houston counterparts, Tunk understands his lane accompanies being a part-time saint and a part time sinner.

“Jungle Juice” represents this the best of his two track salvo that landed earlier this week. Church like piano runs with synth stabs from Natsu Fuji are asked to be wed to Tunk’s baroque lyrics about hitting a party in the park. “Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, ash it!” he joyfully whips around on “Jungle Juice”, hours after sliding through an unnamed sexual conquest. “Foolin”, the B-side to “Jungle Juice” picks up with frantic stabs and trap like sentiments where Tunk’s booming voice turns into preaching, proud about being Southern from his grill to his whip. Even the choir knows what this is.

Tunk is part Too Short, part Joel Olsteen. You gotta understand him sometimes.