Tandems in Houston rap may mosey and walk around but they have to deal with D-Risha & Purple Bastard. One of the few that stick to the producer/emcee combination, the 6 Demon Bag duo are back for GIALLO, a brand new EP featuring the likes of Hollywood FLOSS, Rob Gullatte, Fullmetal FDot, John Dew, Noon, OneHunnidt & Kidd The Great.

Purple Bastard’s production has always been about psychadelia and slices of tried and true Houston soul. Now it gets morphed into something sinister, dark and morbid while D-Risha pushes his voice around every beat and creation regardless of meter or timing. He knows his flow pattern, unorthodox in the sort of classic sense but 6 Demon Bag’s latest effort is tied together thanks to two records, the heavy posse cut “Street Thunder” and the finale, “The Last Man” where Kidd The Great’s chorus stands out like CeeLo waxing and waning about the struggle of being a lone survivor. Horror story on wax, that’s what 6 Demon Bag want to produce with GIALLO. Stream it below.