Today marks the opening game of Cavaliers 2014-2015 season and the end of LeBron’s 4-year basketball odyssey. In the past four years we witnessed the Journey of Lebron James.

The “college years” with the Heat was marked by much controversy. To some he was the villain, to others he was basketball’s messiah. With all the speculation and debating, he managed to stay grounded. His latest commercial for Nike, the first since the debut of the LeBron VIII in 2010, seems less like a prayer or a typical huddle but the forging of an unbreakable promise.

Tonight he steps on the court wearing the LeBron 12 “Heart of a Lion “colorway that follows the tradition of his more serious team-oriented colorways before his move to Miami like the Beloved CTK colorway. As a fan of the LeBron line, this feels like the proper colorway to go with the return of LBJ23. The Lebron 12 is available to purchase right now ┬átip off is at 7:00 PM CT