Four thousand days.

If you want to take in the entire amount of days Boosie spent behind the belly of the beast, it’s probably closer to 4100 give or take. The Louisiana rapper thought he had a made plate for him the moment he finally got to taste sweet freedom. After all, the scariest and most introspective moments of his life needed to be heard on wax. Four years ago, Boosie gave us Incarcerated. Now he wants to firmly explain what Life After Deathrow means to him.

In the time between the doors first locking behind Badazz and them closing for the final time, a lot has changed. His life hanged in the balance thanks to a murder trial, the District Attorney and other figures constantly jerked him around when it came to a firm release date. All of this plus Atlantic not necessarily greenlighting his much anticipated comeback album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell? Boosie is absolutely fed up.

Life After Deathrow comes as the first large amount of Boosie related material since his release from prison earlier this year. It’s raw, it’s unfiltered and it dances around absolutely nothing. Boosie said he had more than 1,000 songs written during his stint in prison. Now it doesn’t seem like hyperbole on his part, now does it? Stream Life After Deathrow from Boosie Badazz below.