Give credit to Hoodstar Chantz when it is due. The Houston rapper and recent Facemob signee didn’t hesitate in snapping up Drake’s “6 God” loosie that dropped over the weekend for a free run, “713 Nawfside”. While most of it is posturing and standing tall and booming about his new position on Face’s label, the intrigue about the freestyle comes at the 1:29 mark where Chantz uses “713 Nawfside” as a moment to defend his woman.

“Heard Dough say if she bad like Varrie
But ain’t no b*tch bad like Varrie, n*gga
My n*gga or not, you be f*ckin with them thots
So I take ya disrespect for “I’m sorry”
Really I’m not, I’ma charge to the game tho
To balance out the wrongs
But I had to get my receipt, cause you said it in a song.”

Hear “713 Nawfside” below and connect the dots.