Where exactly do you start with Nicki Minaj’s new single, “Only”?

Alright, let us glance over the cover art for the third purported single from Minaj’s upcoming The Pink Print album. That’s Business Man Lil Wayne, Pope Drake & Dominatrix Nicki on the cover. The feature list for this pretty much ensures it to be on the radio and heard at least once on the hour. That’s Chris Brown, Drake & Lil Wayne, arguably three of the men responsible for so much of the radio sounding alike on a track next to Nicki Minaj, whose own push on radio can’t be ignored. Thus, we eventually won’t be able to ignore “Only” past it’s iHeartRadio premiere.

Now, after listening to the record, we’re left with three assumptions. One, Drake may not truly understand what a BBW is outside of his Google searches. Chris Brown is here only on hook duty and Weezy is pretty much on a roll, almost to the point where you’re wondering why exactly did Tha Carter V get slapped with a pushback. As for Minaj, the playful sex lyrics that owned much of “Anaconda” are transformed into the Nicki from the block sneering about those long standing rumors that he’s slept with either of her Young Money co-horts. “I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake. All my life for fuck sake,” she spits in the opening seconds of the Dr. Luke track. “If I did, I’d menage with them and let them eat my ass like a cupcake.”

I wonder if Kevin Gates had any say about that.