Jack Freeman - Gaudium Show

You could make the case that Jack Freeman all but had the best year of his career thus far in 2014. After a mostly silent 2013 that saw the re-release of an album stand-out as a single and a mini-tour of sorts in “The Jack Freeman Experience,” Freeman hit the ground running in January with the release of “Magenta,” setting the stage for a rollout of an EP, Bliss, and the first of a two-part album in “Side A” of his Spotless Mind LP. Oh, and he’s also left his mark on tracks by Delo and baller-turnt-rapper Stephen Jackson. Sure, there’s not much more left to do at that point but prepare listeners for “Side B” of Spotless Mind just in time for Valentine’s Day of 2015.

… but if you really think that, then you don’t know Jack.

The soulful Houston crooner has at least one more trick left up his sleeve for the year, in the form of his “Gaudium” show at Warehouse Live next month. Whether you’re trying to lock up your chosen Cuffing Season prospect once and for all, or wanting to hear “50 First Dates” live (or wanting to blame Jack Freeman instead of Jack Daniels for texting your ex at midnight), Jack’s “Gaudium” show is worth stopping through to get an in-person look at one of the city’s most dangerous R&B singers.

Tickets for Jack Freeman’s “Gaudium” show, set for November 14th at Warehouse Live at 8 PM, are available here.

(Ah, in case you were wondering, by the way – “gaudium” is Latin for “joy or delight.”)