In 2011, Chief Keef was the Chicago rapper everybody had an eye on. Street buzz galore, a rabid fan base that started off young and stayed in that realm, ushered in awareness to acts like Lil Reese and the rest of Sosa’s 300/GBE family. All of it belonged to Keith Cozart. Three years later, following a major single, a major remix and a album that sold north of 200,000 copies — Chief Keef is now a free agent.

The rapper confirms he was dropped by Interscope Records last week, ending a deal that was soured on by industry execs and Keef’s own refusal sometimes to live up to it. (Remember the “Hate Being Sober” video shoot fiasco?) Keef signed the deal in 2012 and the final straw which led to his dismissal came in regards to his upcoming Back From The Dead 2 album, which Interscope wanted no parts of according to sources. Tensions mounted not only over the direction of the album but the direction of the rapper’s career in general.