If his heart and pen are squarely set on one single target, Joe Budden is a rather invincible fellow. Separating his personas however has become tricky and quarrelsome over the past few years. Block out one side of him, that one that is usually abhorred despite his honesty and all you’re left with is the music and to an extent, tracks like “Ordinary Love Shit 4”.

While the first three spilled out in reaction to the ending of his relationship with Esther Baxter, four is more discrete and considering his dating history it could be any number of women in his life. You could read between the lines of “Ordinary Love Shit 4” to pick out certain qualities (strip clubs = Kaylin, everything else = Tahiry) and even then you may be wrong. It’s best to let a track like “Ordinary Love Shit” be open ended. Considering how Drake rehashes the burned out flames of his exes and how Joey does his, they need to do a best of hurt worlds and let us all sulk with them.

Before the album hits, pre-order Budden’s upcoming Some Love Lost EP here.