As long as some people have been listening to syruped out Lil Wayne (say sometime from 2006 on), they’ve made similar comparisons to Young Thug’s elastic, voice stretching style. While its not packing the same amount of technical skill Weezy had then when he was just starting to roll out an endless amount of unauthorized mixtapes and leaks, its taken the Rich Gang member to enjoy a cult like following. Finally on “Take Kare”, Thug and the original Young Money weirdo, Lil Wayne come together.

Thug tries to squeeze out every syllable in both mono and high pitched tones while Weezy jumps into his autotune booth and comes out wearing the instrument on his chest. “Take Kare” isn’t an outright masterpiece but with a piano melody that harks to late nights thinking about quoting ravens and Thug & Weezy penning love letters of pristine awkwardness (a Kim Kardashian line, Thugga?), it’s hard to ignore how “Take Kare” will factor into future collabs between the two.