stalley ohio


Two weeks away from the release of his debut album Ohio, we caught up with MMG artist Stalley at Sole Lounge in Houston. Stalley discussed some details about the album,  Ohio sports and musical influences along with his connection to Houston.

Which of the singles from “Ohio” were you most excited for listeners to hear?
Probably “Always Into Something”, that record was something that just came to me in an instant. It was so natural. It was like, opening up the beat in an email and then I wrote it. I hit Ty (Dolla $ign) and he got on it and it made so much sense.

What made you decide to work exclusively with Rashad for the production of “Ohio”?
When I first came in, I did two mixtapes before working with Rashad. Then, I did “Lincoln Way Nights” and he did all of that, the whole project. That was one of those records that was critically acclaimed. It’s my sound. I wanted to give the people my sound.

Which feature on “Ohio” was your favorite to do?
Probably (De La Soul) just because I’ve been a fan since a little, little kid. From when I first got into hip hop from my older brothers, my older sister, my mom and just people playing music around the house, that’s definitely a group that stuck with me. To be able to have them on my debut album is a big deal.

Are there any artists on your “feature bucket list”?
I would love to do a record with Andre 3000. I would love to do one with Nas, John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen. That’s four artists I would love to do something with.

What do you like to do when you are in Houston?
I like to eat; I like to go to “This Is It”. I always holler at Scarface. I just love the vibe of the whole city, the people are very nice. The food is good. I’m all through Houston when I’m here and I’m welcome so, that’s a blessing.  Houston has always been influential, going back to the sounds and the music that I listened to growing up; Houston has always played a big part.

On the topic of influences, a lot of people categorize some of your sound as “West Coast”, how do you feel about that?
That’s Ohio. It’s crazy because a lot of people don’t know that Ohio is the birthplace of funk. Parliament,  Bootsy Collins, even the Ohio Players and Zapp and Roger. We are very influential when it comes to music, especially hip hop, because a lot of producers sample those songs or bass line from that funk driven sound. I’m just trying to do that as much as possible and incorporate it into my sound because; we finally have an artist from Ohio that can represent that sound. Where  before, (the west coast producers) just found the sounds and got to using them before us.

Since we are talking about Ohio, you all got LeBron back and now you have Johnny Football. Are you a hometown team supporter?
Always. Since a kid, since birth. I was born into this. Northeastern Ohio is where I’m from, same area LeBron is from. The Cavs, The Indians, The Browns, Ohio State I am always representing for the hometown teams.

After over a year since his mixtape Honest Cowboy, Stalley’s debut album Ohio is set to release on October 27 with features from De La Soul, Rick Ross, August Alsina, Ty Dolla $ign, and Nispey Hussle. You can preorder the album on iTunes now.