Truth be told, there should have already been a video for Childish Gambino’s “Telegraph Ave”. The slow burning single taking a bit from Lloyd’s “Oakland” existed in the middle of Gambino’s 2013 album because the internet and symbolized everything right with the Georgia artist. That album, right along with his recent Kauai EP showcased where Gambino could find his middle: the kind of musical output that brings out all of his best talents and separates him from some of the other art-rap types he’s usually grouped with.

Gambino works best when either he’s running with plenty of punchlines in his system or he digs into R&B. “Telegraph Ave” is a clever take on relationships, starting and questioning right when you hit a groove that differs from most. He wants vacation, she was a family and more. How does he counter? A trip to Dubai of all places.

Video wise, the ending it going to piss you off but when you spend a solid four minutes in a tryst with Jhene Aiko, I guess it makes some sense. Now I may have to go back to that 75-page screenplay he dropped with the album to see if they go together.