The instant trend of remixing Southern rap classics continues as BeatKing, his favorite Memphis female rapper Gangsta Boo and Lil Flip find time to talk about strippers, heauxs and the like for “Like A Pimp 2K15”. You can’t go wrong sampling Pimp C’s voice for anything and given his indirect ties to BeatKing (crassness), Gangsta Boo (Memphis and giving his “ia-dine poison”) and Lil Flip (obvious), it halfway makes sense to remake one of the strongest club tracks of the early 2000s.

“Like A Pimp 2K15” morphs David Banner’s original drum heavy creation and throws in some snares, not necessarily bastardizing the original track but giving it a literal 2015 face lift.BeatKing and Gangsta Boo for honest reasons are creeping up that list of female/male duos that just roll off one another like Stockton and Malone. The Memphis queen figures out a way to sound like it’s rather effortless to stand over her competition in a certain pair of heels and BeatKing deals with multi-racial strippers like you’d deal with your co-workers (you do your job, I’ll do mine). Flip here may not have the full capacity to immediately get your attention like he used to but him rhyming Memphis, percentage & tremendous at least shows that flashes of the old Flip are still around somewhere. Hear “Like A Pimp 2K15” below.