Mya - Space (Extended)

It’s Myá’s birthday. Yes, that Myá Harrison who hasn’t seemed to age much at all since that “The Best of Me” video with a certain Shawn Corey Carter a decade and a half ago (she’s 35 but looking 24, in case you were wondering). And yet, even as she’s been showered with love and affection on every social network she’s a part of from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, it’s her birthday but Myá’s the one who has come bearing gifts – specifically, a release of the extended version of her “Space” slow jam.

The original “Space” – a stand-out slow burner off the singer’s Valentine’s Day EP With Love, Myá – ended abruptly, sweeping listeners up into its ’90s R&B instrumentation. Thankfully, the extended cut of “Space” spreads the song out for two more minutes of Myá’s voice tiptoeing between seductive and soulful and adds some extra bars from an as-yet-unidentified rapper.

Stream the singer’s “Space (Extended)” down below; and if you find it particularly worthy of your Cuffing Season playlists, head on over to iTunes and grab it for yourself.