Believe it or not, Key & Peele have hit a stride recently and probably no more than this upcoming clip from next week’s show that has gone viral quickly. In a sketch from next week’s episode, the two sit back and wonder how much the other cast members of Family Matters, namely Reginald VelJohnson thought about giving away every bit of the show to Steve Urkel.

In natural Key & Peele fashion, the idea gets insane rather quickly as VelJohnson (Carl Wilson played by Jordan Peele) storms into a fictionalized 1997 meeting with an executive clearly pissed off at how Urklemania took over the show the moment Jaleel White became a series regular. Yes, all those times that transformation machine that took Urkel and turned him into Bruce Lee/Stefon Urkelle/Elvis/Whoever is the main gag here but the real surprise comes at the end — all in a weird and twisted Twilight Zone kind of way.

Damn shame they never figured out what happened to “the other kid”.