Jed The Fameless - TherapeuticMindState

There’s something ironic about calling oneself “fameless” in Houston, especially at a time when local radio is finally tapping into the treasure trove that is local talent for the first time in a good while and hence plenty of rappers are seeking out shine. Yet that’s the calling card for Houston rapper Jed Nwokorie, better known aka The Fameless.

With one EP under his belt already in Best You Never Heard, Jed is quietly cooking up a bigger monster of a release in the Therapeutic MindState mixtape, slated to release later this year. Jed released the title track for the project last month, a lesson in classic old boom-bap rap sound provided by producer Ghost McGrady. Nearly four minutes in length, Jed reminisces as he casts off worldly cares and “politics”; he’s comfortable and isn’t afraid to have fun on “Therapeutic MindState,” opening up the song with a shout-out to the city that leads into a warning of “the way that [he] goes in”. “Real and poetic” isn’t just his Twitter moniker – it’s a pretty damn accurate description of his delivery.

Is Jed, The Fameless really “the best you’ve never heard?” It’s way too early to call that. But as far as being something refreshing that’s bubbling just below the surface and refuses to be sucked into the hype machine? As far as being someone offering lyrical style rather than exaggerated substance? Well, Jed’s got #ThePulse, that’s for sure.