Wave goodbye to News 92 FM in Houston and say hello to B92, Houston’s first radio station ever dedicated to one artist — Beyonce.

In a shocking move, Radio One pulled the plug on News92FM earlier this morning following the morning programming. In its stead the call letters were changed and almost immediately the voice of Beyoncé started flooding the airwaves.

Since it’s launch in 2011, News92FM became the city’s first all news FM station, pulling in names well known in the radio, television and broadcasting fields from the likes of Mike Barajas to Carolyn Campbell, Lana Hughes and more. In all, 47 people, the entire staff were let go from the station. Ratings haven’t increased since the debut of the format, barely registering over a 1.0 in recent months.

“We’re proud of the work we did with News92,” said Doug Abernethy, Regional Vice President of Radio One. “We hired established and trusted Houstonian journalists from the radio, print and television news industries. We also invested in community relations, infrastructure, marketing, promotions and sales. Unfortunately after three years of a valiant effort, the difficult decision had to be made.

Before the message was wiped off the station’s website, the staff at News92 cited “sustained poor ratings performance” and “significant financial losses”. Now the station is running all-Beyonce programming, using the hashtag #flawless to promote the change and will no doubt beat you over the head with every single Beyonce song, remix and Destiny’s Child appearance in existence.