The hottest song at the moment in Atlanta Is OG Maco’s “Bitch You Guessed It.” Naturally, when you’re making noise as a rapper, the big stations are going to come calling, hence why Maco made his NYC radio debut on Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97.

Here’s what we learned.

1. Hooters & Frustration Inspired “Bitch U Guessed It
Maco charts the fact he was drunk at Hooters and frustrated with his engineer as to why the song sounds so loose and carefree. “It was almost like a freestyle because I had never said, ‘bitch you guessed it’ up to that point,” Maco tells Ebro.

2. The Song Isn’t About A Woman.
Rather, it’s a song about “bitch niggas” so says Maco. With many in Atlanta riding waves and being unoriginal, it’s a call out to those unwilling to do for self.

3. OGG Means… Originality Gains Greatness

4. He Doesn’t Think He Sounds like Mystikal
Even though their styles are similar, Maco declares he’s just crazy as shit and gets drunk a lot when he makes music. “I’ve only heard two Mystikal songs in my life,” he says. “It’s a great compliment though, him and Pastor Troy. [My music] comes from rock and shit, pure anger. It’s not about the lyrics long as you get the point.”

Watch the music video below.