A DeLorean video for the most part features the Houston rapper remaining cooler than cool. Cars are merely used as set pieces, spaces of land just canvas for him to take plenty of steps and if you remember his “Sing On Key” video, it was made to look like the rapper was an alien, standing on plenty of red clay and looking out yonder.

“Focused” is a disarming DeLorean vehicle shot by David Stunts and featuring Jack Freeman. Hunger has always been DeLorean’s thing but here we get old clips from the old SF2 store when it was located on the Southwest, clips and cameos with Big K.R.I.T. and others. It’s a then and now technique Stunts uses for DeLorean who in present time finds himself seated atop of a vehicle next to Freeman. Their chemistry stronger than ever, “Focused” brings everything sort of full circle for both. They’re far more inundated in their respective crafts, far more able to get their point across without having to jump through hoops. DeLorean’s Look Alive tape, the follow up to Grace is on the way.