If you were considering that Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj went all out for a video to their “Flawless” remix, you might be disappointed. Queen B and her latest favorite gal pal instead took footage from Minaj’s guest appearance at the Paris show of the On The Run Tour and decided to truncate it into its own little video.

Oh don’t cry long tears Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj fans, this kind of thing was going to happen the moment HBO tag-teamed with the Carters on the On The Run special that apparently less than a million people watched. As grandiose a spectacle as it was (same for the “Flawless” remix), some people were turned off by it. Nevertheless the actual “video” for the “Flawless” remix is an episode in the execution of Beyoncé and every one involved with her lighting, her backup dancers and designers who want to make a stance with feminism as bold and loud and colorful as you can make it.

Add Minaj’s verse and that Parisian crowd lighting up as if their Barbie Santa had just sauntered out in a matching form fitting cat suit to bounce off of their glowing idol Queen B? Flawless victory for those two.