An over-analyzation of the Houston Elite MCs yields some pretty interesting results, namely those about Dustin-Prestige. Whether he be their version of the Boogeyman or not, Prestige’s voice emits only two emotions. One is a sense of cool, a laid back easygoing command of a room and the other is brooding, concentrated and cold. “Dopecoming”, the lead single from his upcoming next project Dope features both emotions rolled into one.

Chris Rockaway slathers a little organ work behind knocking drums and Prestige is comical in some places (“Hungry, put your food up before I go in your fridge/I’m AP, Ray Rice: hide your wife, hide your kids”) to determined and callous in others. It works considering what Prestige has to outdo, his own work from Dharma. Hear “Dopecoming” below.

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