Tomorrow, streams of Flying Lotus’ fifth album You’re Dead! will arrive and with it will come plenty of two things: praise and skepticism. FlyLo, still that creative Los Angeles fusion of jazz, electrofunk and hip-hop will have been believed to have created a darker, almost morose album. Which is completely untrue when you consider how vast his musical canvas happens to be. Take for instance the sped up dance that is “Never Catch Me”.

It plays up to the motif of You’re Dead! but Flying Lotus makes it clear visually that the Hiro Murai directed video steers far away from what you think. Two kids at their own funeral are more about recess and partying than wallowing in a grave. They hop out of their caskets, dance like they’re a couple in the Roaring Twenties before diving in the front seat of a Hearse and riding away. Defy death for what? Watch the video for “Never Catch Me” and read the cover story on FlyLo via The FADER.