The trailer for Tak3n was released today, and I am quite surprised at how promising this third installment is. When first announced that the franchise was going to make another installment my first thought was, for a supposedly trained government operative Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) can’t protect his family for shit. I was under the impression that is was going to be another Hangover situation, same base plot with a few new action sequences. This however was not the case.

In the trailer it is revealed the Neeson character has been set up for the murder of his wife (or ex-wife, not sure of their status). This focuses on the different terms of the word ‘Taken’, and I absolutely love the new direction the project is being taken in (no pun intended). Now in search of the person that has set him up, while also trying to project his daughter Kim(Maggie Grace), Neeson has to deal with the FBI, CIA, and the LAPD hot on his trail. Forrest Whitaker has also join the cast as Franck Dotzler, the police inspector in charge of finding Neeson and bringing him in. With more action, incredible gun play, fight sequences, and of course the bad ass leather jacket, Tak3n is setting up to make up for it’s mediocre predecessor and close the franchise out on a good note. Tak3n hit theaters January 9, 2015.

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