With more than four decades in the music industry, Prince remains one of the few acts whose music doesn’t stay in a particular realm, it constantly evolves. Four years since his last solo effort 20Ten, the Minneapolis based musician releases two albums, in true Prince fashion.

ART OFFICIAL AGE, a completely solo Prince effort combines modern funk with The Purple One’s consistent chase to be a perfectionist. Tracks like “Clouds”, “Breakfast Can Wait” and “U Know”.

The second offering is the first from Prince’s all girl band, 3RDEYEGIRL who first made their presence known in mid-2013 when Prince returned to recording music (as well as giving up his decades long feud with the Internet). PLECTRUMELECTRUM represents album 34 for the rock legend and it’s far more explosive and adventurous than Art Official Age. If one is a traditional funk album, the other is its more art obsessed cousin, gaining attention just for the risks it takes. Stream both albums below via Spotify.

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