In the land of soulful, falsetto driven R&B, Lee-Lonn Walker may possibly be king. It’s not a regional trope or hyperbolic love tossed upon a singer, it’s becoming closer to fact. Walker has taken the approach many singers have in regards to releasing new material, especially from a songwriter’s perspective. He has to live in order to create. Without the constant vibrance of doing things to his own drum, there’s really no point in trying to come up with the same sounds as everybody else.

His Deprived EP comes right on time in some aspects. One, there’s only been one long form R&B record from a Houston singer worth a damn released this year (two if you truly count Jodi. B. as a singer as he’s more of a Ty Dolla $ign hybrid at times). Every record on the short EP comes from the hand of Lee-Lonn and the collective minds of some of Houston’s smoothest boardsmen from Chris Rockaway, Bruce Bang and Nick Greer. There’s no best of Lee-Lonn project, just a slow metrical evolution of the singer who’s battled his own personal demons to create records such as “Shower” & the simmering “Detox”. He’s not forcing drug addled songs and hazy concepts upon listeners, that’s never been Lee-Lonn’s thing. To him it’s mostly about living in the moment, embracing and enjoying it.

And if sex comes with that then so be it. Stream the 7-track EP below