Gather round children, I’m about to tell you a story. You see, back in 1989 Morgan Freeman wasn’t 89, he was just 74 and chose to become principal of a drug and gang infested high school in New Jersey in a little movie called Lean On Me. He had his detractors but you’ll forever remember the name Joe Clark because of him. Now a full two decades and a half have passed and while Joe Clark isn’t instructing the boys from Eastside High School to sing the school song in the bathroom – Ricky Smiley is.

So regardless of where they may have gone in the past 25 years, the song to Eastside High will forever be memorable. The fact that Sams and the trio sound like they haven’t lost a thing is equally creepy. Well, unless you’re counting Sams since he did get busted for trying to cop some weed the same size as Michael Jordan’s playing weight back in 2011.