Survivor's Remorse 2014

With the success of shows like 50 Cent’s Power and to a smaller extent Boss, Starz is quietly cornering the market on quality black programming that is scarce on network television. Enter Survivor’s Remorse, a show with more clout that the previous two thanks to the star power at the helm of it – LeBron James & Maverick Carter. Both serve executive producer roles.

Long standing TV entities Mark O’Malley and former The Cosby Show producer Tom Werner are show-runners for the 30-minute show which calls itself a comedy in following the daily life of a professional basketball star who just signed a nine-figure contract with a new team. That star, Cam Calloway (Jesse T. Usher) is supported — and supporting a motley crew of characters from cousin/manager Reggie (RonReaco Lee), his mother Cassie (Tichina Arnold), his uncle Julius (Mike Epps) and his sister Mary Charles (Erica Ash).

One of the few problems the show faces off the bat is the fact they couldn’t secure an NBA license. Probably because the NBA is a rather G-rated product and there’s plenty of female objectivity, cursing and the lot in just the first episode of Survivor’s Remorse (the same issue befell Showtime’s The Hoop Life back in 1999.) The good news is that freedom allows everyone from Cam to his sister Erica to understand the gravity of their new life and situations. It’s not completely like Entourage, the drama here is far more believable. There’s a bit of irony as the second episode deals with Cam’s mother spanking him as a youth, a bit of topical luck considering what’s going on with Adrian Peterson.

Even though the show is based around a few of LeBron James’ own life experiences in the league, I don’t expect a storyline in a show to involve a teammate of Cam’s possibly sleeping with his mom.

Watching Reggie work is akin to watching Maverick Carter work behind the scenes with LeBron. Which is probably why Reggie is the most detailed and well-rounded character, at least after judging the first two episodes. Considering that Reggie right off the bat has to deal with crisis management, it’s pretty much a given who really focused on the show and who was focused on leading a spot affectionately known as “The Land” to a title.

The show’s first season is brief, only lasting about six episodes but the probability of it getting renewed for a second season are already high. So high that Starz is already offering the first two episodes of Survivor’s Remorse for free on various platforms such as on-demand, and YouTube, which you can check out below.