Hotel Transylvania director Genndy Tartakovksy is working on something that is near and dear to his heart. While still working hard on his current project Hotel Transylvania 2 the director took time out of his busy schedule to release this amazing test footage.

With inspiration from the classic cartoon, Tartakovksy is looking to stick to the elemental roots of the sailor while modernizing the character for today’s audience to be able to enjoy.

Although the project has been placed on the cinematic shelf given a TBD 2015 release date, that didn’t stop Tartakovksy from giving his vision for the film. Tartakovksy is hoping that the film will have a numerous amount of physical humor, and after viewing this footage you can be sure that he will not disappoint.

But don’t expect just physical gags and gut busting humor, Tartakovksy will also like to incorporate quieter character moments amongst all the hilarious antics. Popeye will also explore his relationship with Olive, his father, and my personal favorite Wimpy, who will definitely make an appearance.

Don’t worry. I’d still like my Popeye feature to have a lot of heart, but what I’m really looking to do here is take what made those old Max Fleischer shorts great and then create the sort of film that contemporary audiences could enjoy. Show them the version of Popeye that I fell in love with when I was a kid.

So with popeye on the bench now, what reason is there to release this footage? Just like the leaked Deadpool footage it is to raise public awareness. Tartakovksy hopes that people will see the footage and that the studio will take notice and green light the project for a precise release date.

Only time and your view of this footage will determine the future of this project.