As appropriate as it may seem, Ab-Soul being found rapping over a track titled “These Days” may throw you off a bit. Then again, when the track happens to be Jackson Browne’s classic folk song where the Carson, CA rapper offers little in the what of prophecy or future readings of his life and gets far more autobiographical. That’s the minor jist of “W.W.S.D.”, or as you have already guessed by the acronyms, “What Would Soul Do?”

Questions about his new girl, popping pills to a point where he should have lost consciousness, “W.W.S.D.” peers more into his life and turns him into a cowboy on the road as opposed to the pensive and quiet one in the Black Hippy collective. It’s a remix in a way with Soul flipping Browne guitar licks and own creativity to fit his own. Listen to the 2DBz premiered track below.