EXPRESS - Grindin' Freestyle

“Who the f*ck said I ain’t grindin’?/ Who the f*ck told you that lie?!”

For those who made the mistake of thinking that Express being out of the spotlight for a little bit meant he was falling off, the Houston rapper has a pretty clear message for you.

Express dropped a freestyle last night over Lil’ Wayne and Drake’s recent “Grindin'” single, and completely revamped the track into something else. Where the original had Weezy and Drizzy detailing the fruits of their hard work, Express focuses directly on the work and addressing his critics. Though over a year has passed since the artist has released something as major as his Higher Learning project, “Grindin'” is Express’s way of saying that it’s not all at because he’s been slacking or sleeping (like his Instagram doesn’t prove that).

Does he sound mad? Not at all. More like Express is just a little frustrated with people’s talk and doubt; when in fact, he’s never sounded more focused than he does here.