After reviewing evidence for nearly a week, a grand jury has decided not to issue indictments of police officers in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old John Crawford.

Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier announced the decision at a press conference Wednesday morning and reported that the grand jury found the police justified in the Wal-Mart shooting death of Crawford on Aug. 5. A 911 call reported that Crawford was waving a rifle in the air when police responded.

The rifle turned out to be an air rifle, a toy gun. Officers stated that Crawford did not respond to commands of putting the rifle he took off a store shelf down. Crawford’s family believes the shooting was not a justifiable act by the officers and wants federal authorities to investigate. Surveillance video of the shooting will be released to the public.

Crawford had been on the phone with the mother of his two children on Aug. 5 when police responded to the 911 call. Crawford had his back to the police while holding the rifle before officers opened fire.

Crawford’s family, who have seen the surveillance footage tell a different story.

“We were waiting to see him menacing, waving this thing in a threatening position with women or children. None of that happened from the footage we saw. He wasn’t doing anything. He was just standing there. The final analysis is that my son was murdered,” Crawford’s father, John Crawford Jr. told The Cincinnati Enquirer earlier this month.