Seventeen years ago, The Notorious B.I.G. told perhaps his greatest tale on wax. That tale of course was “A Story To Tell” from Life After Death. In short, the closing track from Disc 1 of LAD was about Biggie creeping on the significant other of a certain New York Knick ballplayer and then eventually robbing him.

Now, John Starks is probably one of the more recognizable ’90s Knicks outside of Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, etc. He played with zero fear and owns the greatest dunk on Michael Jordan ever. He also, for better or worse (namely the better) is the reason why the Houston Rockets won the 1994 NBA title. All you have to say to a Knicks fan is “2-for-18” and plenty of despair begins to sink in. That being said, was Biggie’s “A Story To Tell” …

A) A true story?
B) About him?
C) About one of his teammates?

This had Twitter p in arms yesterday as Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones of Highly Quesitonable posed the question to Starks. If you recall or have been sleuthing this down for almost two decades then you know the events took place anywhere from November 12, 1995 to December 17, 1996. It’s probably ’95 considering that’s around the time B.I.G. started working on LAD and in late 1996 he was rendered to walking with a cane after a car accident fractured his leg.

Not to say B.I.G. couldn’t put the mack down with one leg but we’re sure he’d want use of all his facilities. Plus, even if John Starks kinda-sort-of dodges the question, all signs still point to Hubert Davis considering he was one of the few “6’5” “Knick n*ggas” B.I.G. was telling his boys about. Fictional, actual or not, it still remains a rather fun look into some clever storytelling.