“And if ya don’t know what that means, go get a Mexican on ya team””

Talk to Pre any day of the week and he’ll profess a love for boombap rap, the kind of stuff that cascades in your ear and situates itself on your good side. His rhyming has always been slick, never overbearing and almost effortless at times. “Quality Control” is a fine example of Pre in his element. Backed by horns of triumph from Tony Dark, Pre casually tip toes over every drum kick and snare with a bit of ease to him.

The AllDay rapper already has “Levantate Guey” and “Dreamin In July” in his back catalog as records where he’s either fully learn to let go of his demons after his traumatic shooting and subsequent surgeries over the past year or so. Now Pre’s just doing what made him a cult favorite for many — effortless rapping.