Dear Mainstream America,

Please stop discovering things that are already in existence and proclaiming it to be a new “trend.” Better yet, here’s a hashtag for you, stop #columbusing.

It’s neither new nor particularly trendy, in reality you just happen to be late to the cultural party. I thought we learned this lesson years ago after the realization that Columbus Day is a sham.

Do not let Miley Cyrus fool you. “Twerking” is simply an old dance repackaged and renamed. If nothing else the Ying Yang Twins deserve an honorable mention. Do not let Marie Claire fool you with their declaration of Kendall Jenner’s “epic” cornrows. If nothing else Alicia Keys deserves an honorable mention.

Do not let Vogue Magazine fool you with their recent proclamation that J. Lo “jump started the big booty craze.” Or are we going to forget Destiny Child’s ode to the derrière “Bootylicious?” Or the many other notoriously curvy celebrities of the world including Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams or Ms. Knowles herself?

Do not let let Wella Hair fool you with their new found admiration for “Urban Fabulous” hairstyles, one of which they described as “slicked down tendrils.” You mean baby hair? Please have a seat.

As many have come to lament, it seems everybody loves “urban” culture but not the actual people that are associated with it. For years the fashion industry largely ignored those that didn’t fit the waif like prototype we’ve come to expect. Curves were denounced in favor of the “Heroin chic” look popularized by Kate Moss during the 90s.

My how times change.

When discussing cultural misappropriation, nerves are often touched due to the reluctance to appropriately cite the source of this new found obsession. Adding insult to injury by claiming ownership of things that have already been in circulation in “Urban America” for years, perfect #columbusing.

No. You cannot sit with us after first denying us a seat at the table.

The jig, it has risen.