If you were looking for a brand new Usher album for the fall, you may be looking a bit longer. The R&B superstar has decided to put his eighth solo album UR (or is it Everything You Can Imagine) on indefinite hold.

“The album isn’t scheduled anymore. I’ve basically taken it back. I’m taking my time with it,” Usher said during an appearance on ‘The Juice’ podcast with Erika Ramirez. “At the end of the day, all of this is just about having fun. You get in the studio [and] go with how you feel.”

The album, despite no longer having a release date is set to includes songs such as “Good Kisser”, “She Came To Give It To You” with Nicki Minaj as well as collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Pop & Oak, Jermaine Dupri, Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown & more. In regards to Brown, Usher said, “There is another record that we worked on for the album. The relationship is great… we’ve been able to build.”

While also touring this year with August Alsina, Usher is set to star in the Sugar Ray Leonard biopic Hands Of Stone where he plays the legendary world champion who had memorable fights with Roberto Duran, Thomas “Hitman” Hearns and Marvin Hagler during his heyday in the late ’70s and throughout the ’80s. That, combined with his work as a guest judge on The Voice allowed for plenty of stops and starts to the LP but its constantly evolving.

“It’s not about a specific topic or specific period of my life. I work on 40-50 songs in making an album,” he said of the album. “I haven’t finished the album enough to tell you what I’m talking about.”

“It was just a different take. It’s something that feels very modern, but the vocal on it feels very specific to my style. I wanted to do something that I felt like would be current, but wouldn’t necessarily conform specifically.”