Bobby Shmurda - Can't F_ck WitChu (f. DBoy, Rowdy Rebel). DBoy & Rowdy Rebel)

With “Hot N*gga” officially making its rounds and the young rapper on the rise getting cosigns from all over the industry – Jeezy even brought up him out as his impromptu Seen It All release concert with Hot 97 last week – Bobby Shmurda can do no wrong. And for those of you who still refuse to accept it, the New York spitter has a simple message: he can’t f*ck with you no mo’.

These are the words that fuel young Shmurda’s newest release “Can’t F*ck Witchu,” a song whose epicness is foreshadowed from its opening Breaking Bad sample and never quite lets up after that. Joined by DBoy and Rowdy Rebel, and with DJ YRS Jerzy on the beat providing one of the year’s hardest instrumentals thus far – one that will likely be used (or abused) by other rappers for freestyles in the weeks to come – Shmurda and his companions talk smack, holding themselves in opposition to critics and competition.

It may not catch on like “Hot N*gga,” but “Can’t F*ck WitChu” is a club-ready record, a deliberate one with a message. It’s telling that Shmurda uses select snippets from Walter White’s speech in Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias” episode – “I warned you, if you cross me, there WILL be consequences… you never believed in me. You were never grateful for anything I did for this family.”

Subtlety, Bobby. Subtlety.