Looks like the worst for Jeezy in his recent arrest on gun charges may be behind him. In a report filed by TMZ, the AK-47 found on the rapper’s tour bus following a stop before an Under The Influence Of Music show in Irvine, California belongs to his chief of security and is registered.

In a strange bit of irony, Jeezy’s chief of security wasn’t among the six arrested August 25th due to the fact he was hospitalized following the shooting of Suge Knight at 1OAK on August 24th. Since no one claimed ownership of the gun when police searched the vehicle, all six members of Jeezy’s party were taken to jail. The even more puzzling bit about the arrest is that Jeezy was in a completely separate cabin when the gun was located and the gun was locked in a case away from nearly everyone else.

It may be possible that the police got a hair up their ass in regards to arresting a prominent rapper but this may possibly be why Jeezy wasn’t in a rush to post the outrageous $100,000 bail to free him.

Photo: Grant Tucker