If one were to ask you where hip-hop’s hottest region is, regardless of affiliation or notoriety, Atlanta would hands down win the argument. Since the mid-2000s, the city has become the antenna to rap, producing more stars through its own ecosystem than even areas like Chicago and Los Angeles, who are also enjoying regional moments of success. Just gauge the radio for a moment. If not for DJ Mustard and his brand of ratchet, producers from Atlanta such as Mike WiLL Made It, Sonny Digital and others would have a complete lock on what we hear on a daily basis from Migos to Future to Rich Homie Quan to Young Thug — a near endless supply of Atlanta’s gumbo of hood, alternative and club systems.

Atlanta’s rise wasn’t easy, hell much of it went largely ignored until 1995 when OutKast, at the height of the East Coast/West Coast divide and Andre 3000 in particular stated the rallying cry that became a mantra for every rapper below the Mason-Dixon: “The South Got Something To Say”.

Naturally, VH1’s latest RockDoc ATL: The Untold Story Of Atlanta’s Rise In The Rap Game takes a look into the rise of Atlanta, how the murders of Atlanta’s Missing Children gave way to acts such as Mojo, Kilo Ali, Raheem The Dream and how certain producers and acts such as DJ Toomp and Organized Noize made their way. How Jermaine Dupri off the back of the success of Kriss Kross was able to create So So Def Records and in tune buoy Lil Jon into an A&R position. The rich history of Atlanta’s rap scene is interwoven through interviews, music and the time period with small glimpses into Freaknik, the radio stations, the strip club scene and more.

Lasting over an hour, ATL: The Untold Story Of Atlanta’s Rise In The Rap Game features interviews from Killer Mike, T.I., Ludacris, Rico Murray, Dupri, Kilo Ali, Raheem The Dream, MC Shy D, Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed and more. It’s a strange trip down memory lane to some of the music and moments that defined an era for some and for others, made them fall in love with rap music.