There couldn’t have been a more opportune time for The Wire to come back into my life. You see, the show – which I rank between Breaking Bad and The Sopranos as the greatest drama television has ever produced – has gained an insane cultlike following just because of how good it is. Its last show predates the genesis of this site by a year, and it’s now started a debate between my friends on which season between season 3 and season 4 was better.

Now HBO Signature is allowing all of you who haven’t watched a single episode a chance to join the rest of us. Starting Thursday, HBO Signature will air The Wire from the beginning at 8 PM in HD. All five seasons. If you don’t have HBO Signature, that probably means you got ripped off by your bootleg cable guy as HBO Signature is part of the HBO package (if you have HBO of course).

Seeing the show remastered and in its highest quality is one thing. Going back to Baltimore to see Stringer and Avon run the drug trade again, hearing that unmistakable whistle of Omar Little, Bunk being fed up with McNulty and McNulty being an unlovable jerk? That’s the real victory in all of this.