Believe us, a Johnny Manziel Snickers Commercial turned out to be the most humorous things of the day. The runner up? The image above from the Cleveland Scene that depicts Manziel as Jesus — with his middle finger extended.

On to the Snickers commercial. Manziel aka Johnny JamBoogie is charismatic as a guy going through aerobics class with a headband, some tights with shorts on top and tiny images of Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical” running through his head. Unlike those previous “Not Yourself” Snickers ads, this isn’t a grouchy Johnny. Nope, that Johnny would have given somebody the bird or flashed the money sign in their face. Actually, we’re pretty sure he flashed it in the face of one of these women. Because he’s John Q. Football and there’s a high probability that he slept with one of them.

Got it? Good. Come for the article, stay for Johnny Football as Johnny JamBoogie.