It may be August but I’m already ready for basketball season. And apparently, so is 2K Sports. The company recently revealed the trailer to NBA 2K15 and my word does it look gorgeous (and still have a few things a bit off).

Yes, we get to relive Andrew Wiggins weird 58-day period as a Cleveland Cavalier since he’s still in their duds and Kevin Love is nowhere to be found. Chris Anderson’s beard looks quite spectacular and accurate, there are lobs all over the place, pregame player introductions are back (same for cheerleaders), Anthony Davis and Lance Stephenson apparently are going to get ratings boosts from last year to now and for a sick personal touch, they let Shabazz Napier get dunked on by a freshly returned to Cleveland LeBron James.

What may prove to be the best part of NBA 2K15 this year (outside of improving MyCareer and MyLeague) is the inclusion of TNT’s Inside The NBA crew of Ernie Johnson & Shaquille O’Neal. With a pre-game show based around those two and what’s going on in the NBA in NBA 2K15, we only fear the day those two become sort of repetitive. If only Charles Barkley would sign over his likeness rights so he can be used in video games again.

Pre-order the game. NBA 2K15 arrives in stores on October 7th.