Between FOX News thinking white privilege is merely a myth and their Ferguson coverage, it’s a good thing Jon Stewart came back from summer vacation when he did. If you don’t recall, Stewart’s Daily Show has gone after FOX News time and time again for lobbing softball like moments for Stewart and his team of writers to knock out of the park. Considering their Ferguson coverage over the past two weeks – not to mention their belief that being 6’4″ is a weapon, this had to happen.

For nine minutes Stewart lobs bomb after bomb at FOX News, factoid after factoid in attempting to once more prove that the “fair and balanced” news channel just doesn’t quite get it. He doesn’t just go after them for their thoughts on Ferguson, Michael Brown or their own view of racial inequality (their parading of Dr. Ben Carson is an entirely different matter). Nope, Stewart even brings up the racial discrepancies that take place in his own building.

Between Stewart, his former Daily Show correspondent turned dynamite host of Last Week Tonight John Oliver and Killer Mike , at least we’ve have some rather informed voices on television in regards to the hottest month of the year — and its most controversial moment.